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Coffee Menu

Boston Edison (Green) – $2.75

Green tea blend “Named after beloved neighborhood in Detroit

Edgewater (Herbal) – $2.75

Herbal tea blend “Named after Detroit’s amusement park

Hastings Hot Chocolate 16 oz – $2.50

Special blend of chocolates blended with freshly steamed milk “Named after Hastings Street in Black Bottom Detroit”

City Cider 16 oz – $3.50

Detroit Sips secret blend of cider/tea served hot/cold

Belle Isle Blonde (light)– $2.75

light roast brewed coffee “Named after Detroit’s beloved Park”

Bagley Blend (med) – $2.75

medium roast brewed coffee “Named after Detroit Neighborhood where the coffee shop sits”

McNichols Morning (dark) – $2.75

dark roast brewed coffee: “Named after Street coffee shop is located

Decaf 12 oz – $2.50

Detroit Sip Decaf

Tea 16 oz – $2.75

Detroit Sip Tea

Tuxedo Tea (Black) – $2.75

Black tea blend “Named after Tuxedo Street”

Expresso Menu

Expressway Expresso – $2.50

A shot of expresso

Auto Americano – $3.25

An expresso shot mixed with hot water

Mount Carmel Macchiato – $4.25

Expresso combined with freshly steamed milk (or alternative) topped with a caramel drizzle “Named after former Hospital in Detroit”

Coleman Cappucino – $3.50

Expresso layered with steamed milk and layer of milk foam “Named after former Mayor Coleman A. Young”

Livernois Latte– $4.00

Expresso blended with steamed & frothed milk “Named after Livernois Street”

1-75 Chai Latte- $4.00

Chai tea blended with freshly steamed milk (alternative) vanilla and ginger “Named after the Chrysler Freeway

Motown Mocha – $4.00

Latte flavored with chocolate syrup “Named after one of Detroit’s beloved nicknames”

*Syrup/Flavoring upon request – $.75

* Milk Substitution – $.50


Bottled Drinks

Faygo,Vernors,Towne Club – $2.00


Tuxedo Tea (Black) – $2.75